Public welfare activities
  • Jiaming has always paid attention to and continued to increase its support and investment in the education industry. For many years, it has invested about 60000000 yuan in various ways, such as Chen Jinglun high school, Tsinghua small, Pinggu Jinhai Lake International School, and other schools, such as capital, equipment, infrastructure construction and so on.

  • A total of more than 1000 yuan has been donated to the youth fund, Beijing Changping and Pinggu Charity Association.

  • Wenchuan donated 3 million yuan to rebuild the earthquake area.

  • The Party branch organizes all the staff to dedicate their love to the poor students of Tibet middle school in Beijing for a long time. Since January 2011, the poorest students in the first year of the year of high school have chosen 10% of the poorest students to grant the financial aid to the senior three, and encourage the staff to continue to subsidize the students who have entered the University. Organize regular seminars with poor students to strengthen the humanistic care for poor students.

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