Culture and Arts

Standing at the transition of history into the contemporary era, we hope that we can actively contribute to the inheritance of Chinese arts and cultural sentiments by exploiting our level-headedness and mature judgment towards historical value of the arts.

Through corporate art collections, we undertake our corporate social responsibility which includes promoting corporate culture, adhering to the principle of “collection instead of possession” and promoting artistic “socialization”.

We’ve created our own art gallery on the 23rd floor in Tower A of Jiaming Center; regularly holding “Jiaming’s internation appreciation” art salon to continuously present representative art works of various periods, and organizing high-end artistic events to create a corporate collections club for art lovers.

We continue to strive to build arts pavilions or art centers in all of our new and on-going projects; integrating the beauty of arts into classic architecture and bringing the extracts of our national inheritance into our daily lives.

Using the great opportunities of international investment and through promoting international arts and culture communications, we are committed to bringing more excellent internationalart works to the Chinese audience and showcasing the “canon” of Chinese art and cultural works to the world.

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