Health and Security

Tenants Health Safety and Environment Club (THSEC) set up by Jiaming is a great practice in employing international operation standards in the aspect of health and security. We aim to link the tenants with owners through this club, focusing on the health and security of tenants and presenting an increasingly environmentally friendly working space for them.

In the mind of costumers’ health, THSEC is creating a healthy working environment and cultivating a good attitude towards life and work by improving facilities, setting up health related events with the awareness of health.
Safety is most important to everyone. THSEC promotes the safety system, first aid and buddy aid training in order to create a safer working space for?tenants.

A green work environment is our consistent pursuit. In the mind of saving energy and protecting environment, THSEC promotes tenants upgrading energy-consuming equipment. Customers can get best practices to promote sustainability and energy savings.

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