property management

Adhering to the philosophy of “Delivering Urban Classics and Creating Lasting Value” and on the basis of high-quality development, Jiaming attaches much importance to managing its properties according to international standards. Only in this way can Jiaming ensure the excellent operation, and lasting economic and cultural value of the property in its life span. At present, Jiaming Investment is a pace-setter in property management in the Asia-Pacific region. This could be best proved by Jiaming Center, which acquired five?Certificates of Excellence from?BOMA China?in aspects such as construction and management, marketing and communications, energy management, training, and environmental administration. Jiaming Center also became the first nominee from Asia for the?BOMA International TOBY award.

Certificate of Excellence awarded by BOMA China. Jiaming Center is the first Chinese?office to achieve all five certificates.

BOMA International
Building Owners and Managers Association International was founded in 1907. Its mission is to improve the allocation of human assets, intellectual assets, and physical assets in the commercial property industry through studying information and standards and promoting awareness.

The Outstanding Building of The Year (TOBY)?is designated for the best-managed properties?in the world by BOMA International and is renowned as the “Oscar in the commercial property industry”.In 2014, Jiaming stood ouinternationally as a nominee for the award.
Construction& management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS) is?our international intelligent preventive maintenance system.
  • Management By Walking Around(MBWA) is a sub-system of a our unique building management system.
  • Quality Control Officer( QCO) was introduced for implementing the MBWA management system.
Marketing & Communications
  • Tenants Health Safety and Environment Club ( THSEC)
    THSEC is?our unique?organization created and?designed to deliver tenants’ health, safety, and environmental protection awareness.
Energy Management
  • ASHRAE Level II Assessment
    The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineer(ASHRAE) was founded in 1904. This agency audited Jiaming Center's conformity to international standards of energy management and analyzed management optimization.
  • Energy Star
    American Energy Star is an energy-saving program?created by the US government. The standards of Energy Star save 20-30% more energy compared to the US federal standards.? Jiaming Center is the first building in China to achieve Energy Star status with a score of 97 out of 100 possible points.
Training programs
  • According to the online learning platform provided by BOMA China, employees shall receive training in the following eight aspects: Asset Management, Property Management Fundamentals, Leasing for Real Estate, Real Estate Investment and Finance, Energy & Building Systems, Energy Management, Risk Management for Real Estate, and?Building Operations.
Environment Management
  • Building environment management
    Our Environment Management Plan (EMP) is a system targeting gas emission, ground pollution, energy usage, rubbish processing, and waste-water discharge.
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