our business

JIAMING INVESTMENT focuses specifically on the real estate industry. With three main sectors, namely property management, development and operations and property management services, it has distinguished itself with an integrated, one-stop business structure.

Asset Management
In terms of asset management, with an aggressive strategic layout in this sector, JIAMING has secured successful cooperation with major domestic and foreign financial institutions and real estate funds.
development operation
In terms of development and operation, the focus on high-end residential buildings, commercial properties and the development of new types of urbanization, JIAMING has completed several widely-known projects in Beijing. The total size of ongoing projects surpasses 2 million square meters.
property management
In terms of property management services, we adopt international industrial standards and cultivate outstanding teams for property management. The JIAMING Center that we run won five BOMA China Certificates of Excellence (COE) accreditations, becoming China’s first building to have gained the award. The project is further nominated as a candidate for a BOMA International TOBY in U.S, a first for the Asian market.
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